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16″ King Tall Outdoor Chess as Garden Furniture

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Giant Chess is designed for indoor and outdoor decoration. The DIY-project of the family in Las Vegas shows that giant chess is a great garden decoration. The family made their own chess board from the natural rocks which were planted in the garden. Giant Chess has been proven for it durability and beautiful design.

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Chess Pieces, Chess Board And Stools

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Black chess table is equipped by a drawer for extra storage under the table top. The table has sophisticated and clean look. It is covered by acrylic paint and clear acrylic lacquer. Has natural and tropical look. As furniture decoration, this can be placed in your coffee table.

The very elegant and attractive chess set which stand on the table. Black and brown chess pieces, carved in high quality product by professional craftsman. Those chess set is very durable for outdoor and indoor use, because it has made of best Teak wood material from Java Island. So you do not need worry about its quality because we choose the best wood that has dried before.

We want to add convenience into your chess playing! To complete the chess table, we provide also the stool. It is made of teak and polish in black color. Our teak stool is comfortable and strong to uphold your body. This teak stool is also nice to used as indoor and outdoor furniture because adopts the shape and style of bar stool.

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White And Blue Chess Set

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Bored with ordinary chess pieces? Want to make your chess game more different and colorful? Or want to teach your children about chess game?
Use this kind of color chess! All of your problem with chess pieces will solved. If you feel bored with ordinary people which are black and brown, you can change it with our color chess. This time we have white chess pieces vs blue chess pieces. Those chess pieces will change your imagination of chess.

A new color for wooden chess set. Blue color gives refreshment to your eyes and the white apply clear look. Combined by the brown chess table, it is perfect to be placed in your room. The products are made of durable natural material and clear acrylic lacquer.
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Wooden Handicraft : Anvil Amboss

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Wooden handicrafts are in great demand by many people from around the world. Lots of people knowingly buy handicrafts made from wood with a very unique reasons and has beautiful carvings. Besides, wooden handicrafts are also more environmentally friendly and safe for children.

This time there are many wooden handicraft products which established in variety forms. One of them we’ve created is Ambos Anvil. History and unique shape has inspired craftsmen to apply them to our craft with a variety of colors. This wooden Anvil Ambos is perfect for your handicraft collection and house decoration. It would be nice if you put them on your library table, living room, office, and other interesting area.

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White-Reddish Wooden Chess

Monday, April 5th, 2010

In the picture above is one of our color chess that has painted in white-reddish color. Those chess pieces show different color than ordinary chess pieces which paint in originally white. But here we present a new chess color for you and available in big and giant size.

This time we try to create different chess piece. Look those wooden chess pieces. Polished in white and add with glossy look. We add the paint with reddish touch. And the result is so unusual chess pieces which perfect also for house decoration. You can decorate your house by put these chess pieces in your living room, library, in the corner of your dinning room or even you can put it at your garden or backyard. This product is very durable for outdoor and indoor. Get it now!

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Wood Carving In Soldier Form

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Again, we present unique and different design of wooden handmade product for you. Here we create and designed it by using our imagination to produce something different and unusual product. So that you can decorate your house and room with our unique product. Here we have wood carving product that designed in soldier form. It is very excellent product for decorating your living room table or your children room.

Soldier wood carving also perfect for gift and present for your children and friend. Try to give something different for them. Sure that your children will crazy about this kind of handicraft.
Our product is made of Teak wood and polished in brown or natural wood color. It is very durable product, so you can put it outdoor and indoor.

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The Wooden Checker Set

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

In the picture above is our giant checker set on its board. This is an absolutely beautiful giant checker and board that made of best Teak wood material. With inlaid checkers pieces on the top of board is certainly something special. Different size with ordinary checker and board, this checker pieces have designed into giant size and supported by its big board. The checker set is perfect for outdoor use.

Consider about it space. For this giant checker, you may need enough flat space for the board and the pieces. You may use this checker set at garden or your backyard. Checker outdoor game will bring fresh nuance for your game. You can enjoy the interesting feeling in play outdoor checker with your friend, children and neighbor. Having checker game with your friend using this kind of big wooden checker at your garden.

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The Buffer Of Chess Table

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Chess table is one of chess game equipment. It’s different with other table in your house, this table has squares motive on its surface. If you want to start the game, you just need to put the chess pieces on it and sit in front of the table with your partner. Then, play the game by moving your pieces step by step. It’s easy and interesting.

If you use want to have chess table for your house, you should consider about its space because you may need two stools or chairs for the game. But the advantages for having chess table is its multifunction use. Beside as chess table, you can also use it for one of your furniture. So that you must need strong table to make it more usefull. The durable and strong table has strong buffer and made of Teak wood material. By having this kind of table, you have a unique furniture in your house.

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Big Chess Set On Wooden Board

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Those are big chess set that stand on its board. The chess pieces have designed in big size with its beautiful carving. Perfect for outdoor chess game with your family, friends and partners. Have a nice holiday by playing chess game at your garden, camp, beach, villa and others outdoor area. Use the big chess one for your interesting outdoor game and you’ll not satisfied.

We have big chess product for outdoor game use. Our product has prepared for outdoor use, so that the product is durable in any seasons. Those chess pieces and board have made from best quality of Teak wood and carved by expert craftsman. So unique and beautiful. Have it a set for your collection and have wonderful game!

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12 Inch Of Pawn Chess

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

In the picture above is a pawn chess piece which sized in 12 inch. It has polished in black with glossy touch, but we provide the brown pawn also. If you want to have a set of chess pieces, we have it in various sizes. You can get it from 8 inch, 12 inch up to 72 inch tall chess piece. Beside use as chess game equipment, some people use it as gift and souvenir for family and friends.

By its unique and beautiful art, many people in western countries pursue our products because it is made from best quality of Teak wood, so that it could be used in any seasons. Besides, our products are carved by expert craftsman and polished well in order to make it durable for indoor and outdoor use.

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