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Wooden Bishop In Various Sizes

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Bishop is one of chess soldier in chess game. Each player has two Bishops which put in right and left side of the King. Both of right and left Bishop are moving in diagonally squares. These unique Bishop supported with its unique moving make it so popular in chess lovers. Besides, if you get the Bishop in Giant size, you can use it to decorate your house.

Your living room, reading room or even your office will look so elegance with big Bishop piece. The shape and color enable you to mix and match it with your contemporary furniture. Brown Bishops give the mood and climate of minimalist yet cozy atmosphere. Perfect for house decoration both for indoor and outdoor.

At the moment, we give you wooden Bishops pieces in various size. Beside as chess pieces, get another idea to use those kind of Bishops for your house.

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Knight Piece For Patio Furniture

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Less for some ideas to decorate your patio? Have outdoor party but you need to decorate your garden and patio space?
We suggest you to decorate your outdoor space with unique and creative furniture to get some antique touch for your house.
We have the giant Knight chess piece that made of Teak wood and polished in brown or natural wood. Knight giant chess is large enough for outdoor play, and fun for school, home, parties, and other occasions! Kids love the large pieces.

We stock a variety of giant garden chess piece which are ideal for patio and outdoor decoration. Beside the Knight, we also has another chess piece such as the King, the Queen, the Rook, the Bishop, and the Pawn. Choose the chess piece that suit with your outdoor style. Or if you have large patio and garden, you can consider to decorate it with our wooden giant chess set. So you can having giant chess outdoor game with your friend and family.

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In A Book Store – Hamburg

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Is that giant chess for serious decoration? This question may seem obvious but actually there are things you should consider. Giant chess piece is wonderful to look at, indoor and outdoor. Well…consider about where you put on it. You may find interesting and suit corner for this super-sized chess piece. Not only for your home furniture decoration, but it also nice for public area decor.

As giant chess manufacturer and exporter, we have export our product to many countries in Europe, America, Australia and other continent in the world. So that you can meet our giant chess product in western countries. In the picture above, we show you our giant chess product which put in a book store in Hamburg city. Unique, elegant and beautiful looks. Try it yours!

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Giant Chess Pieces In Marble Paint

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

It is true that marble is commonly multi-colored, but since there are two opposing teams represented by different colors, a marble chess set needs to have different colors for each side. Here we try to present different marble chess. Combining the idea of luxurious marble and the elegance of wood, we craft this special chess piece.

This is one of our product that has polished in marble motive. This chess pieces is moist in color and detail, strong, and artistic. On the other hand, this marble giant chess pieces have made of best quality of Teak wood. It is highly recommended for those who fancy marble furniture but want affordable price. It can be used for outdoor and indoor decor and it can actually become a permanent fixture on your porch or patio.

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Wooden Giant Egg In Blue

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

This is one of product that has made of Teak wood. This product called as wooden giant egg. Carved in egg looks by our expert craftsman and polished in beautiful color. This time we present the blue giant egg with glossy touch. Children and adolescent are love this wooden handicraft for their room decoration or outdoor game.

Wooden giant egg is perfect for house and event decoration. You may put it on you living room table, children room, library bookcase, office table, school, and another indoor room. Besides, you can use it also for souvenir and gift. Try this different gift for your friends, family, children and others. They may surprised with this kind of gift. Get it also in others color such as; red, brown, black, yellow and create your own color. Order now and make a change in your house.

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Patio Chess Made Of Teak Wood

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

What’s your patio furniture now? Have no idea for decorate your patio space? Ask your self and find to know about outdoor furniture to suit your outdoor lifestyle. Imagine when you spend some time out on your patio, alone or with somebody else, or jooking with your family member. Those activity probably more interesting if you complete the look of your patio with something unique and different. But do not forget if you choosing your patio furniture, be sure to consider the space that you plan to put it in.

We can help you to consider about your patio furniture that you plan. We have giant chess pieces for outdoors decoration. Perfect for your patio furniture and garden decoration. Our product is made of Teak wood, so you do not need about its durable. Our Teak wood is high quality and dried well. The product has carved by professional craftsman and polished well. We have chess pieces in various sizes, so if you can choose the suit size for your patio space. Try now, and make your patio space looks interesting

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Beautiful Chess Table for Outdoor Games Usage

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

We provide patio outdoor chess table in natural wood color. It is also equipped by wooden stools.

Table :
Wide: 86 cm
Height: 86 cm
Weight: 50 cm

Stool :
Diameter: 38 cm
Height: 64 cm
Weight: 13 Kgs

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Giant Marble Card Made Of Teak Wood

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Have you imagine to decorate your house with marble card? We can make it real because we have the product with giant size. It called ‘Giant Marble Card’, special for house decoration use so we make it in giant size. The giant card has polished in marble motive to make it match with your house furniture and accept in any colors of other decoration

This product has made of Teak wood and carved by expert craftsman, so it durable for outdoor and indoor use. Perfect for house outdoor decoration, so that you can use it for decorate your garden, patio area, basecamp, and others. In the picture above we show you the pastel marble. But if you want to another color, we can make it. Besides, you can also decide the sizes and the design. Visit our online shop and get the others outdoor decoration products!

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Horse Head – Wooden Handmade

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Wooden handmade from professional craftsman with unique and creative design. It is very perfect and nice to use as indoors decoration and personal collection. This handmade product is polished in brown color or old wood color to get the artistic value. Wooden handmade product with horse head carved uniquely and artistic. You can put it on your work table, living room decoration, party decoration, school, etc.

As wooden handmade manufacturer, we has provide various kind of wooden handmade product. One of our famous product is this horse head carved. If you buy in amounts, we will give you good price. We always serve our customer well and they won’t satisfied of our service. Buy this unique wooden handmade for your friend, children or other member family.

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Giant Domino In Marble Polish

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Many people know about domino card and its game. It is universal game that can played by all people. You just need its card, partners and comfortable place to play. Then your game will so interesting. But have you imagine that domino card use as house decoration? May be it looks strage. But not for the giant one.

So that, here is the giant domino that has made of best quality of Teak wood. This kind of giant domino has carved by expert cratsman and polished in beautiful looks. We try to present the unusual giant domino card that has polished in marble looks. It will be so nice to put it in your house. You can also decorate your outdoor area, such as; garden, patio, park and others.
This kind of product is very durable for outdoor and indoor use. So you can left it at outdoor for months without worry about its damage.

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